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Specialty Cocktails

Homemade Sangria      $12

Rich blend of brandy & red wine (served with drunken apples).  Pitcher to share    $36

Hole in One     $11

Jack Daniels Honey, iced tea & lemonade

Dirty Goose Dockside Martini     $14

Grey Goose vodka, dry vermouth, olive juice 

B & B Espresso Martini     $12

Bailey's Espresso crème & vodka w/ a touch of Kahlua

K1 Cosmo     $13

Kettle One vodka, fresh lime, triplesec, splash of cranberry

Zombie "On The Dock"     $13

White rum, dark rum, triplesec, pineapple juice & grenadine

Classic Mojito     $12

Bacardi rum, fresh mint, simple syrup muddled w/ a splash of club soda 

Strawberry Mojito     $13

Classic mojito made with fresh mint & strawberry puree

Blueberry Mojito     $13

Classic mojito made with fresh mint & fresh blueberries

Mermaid Water     $11

Vodka, blue caracao & pineapple juice

Moscow Mule     $12

Vodka, fresh lime juice & Yacht Club ginger beer

Dark & Stormy     $12

Gosling's black rum & Yacht Club ginger beer

Nutty Russian     $12

Vodka, Frangelico & milk 

Almond Joy "Tini"     $14

Malibu coconut rum, Frangelico & Godiva chocolate liqueur 

Dockside Strawberry Lemonade     $13

Light & dark rum mixed with fresh strawberry puree & lemonade 

Classic Margarita     $12

Jose Cuervo margarita mix (try it frozen!)

B & B "Berry-Rita"     $13

Classic margarita with a fresh twist of strawberry puree 

Crown-Rita     $14

Crown Royale, margarita mix 

B & B Blue-Rita     $13

Classic margarita with fresh blueberries

Negroni      $14

Campari, gin & sweet vermouth... Deliziosi!

Dockside Sunrise     $12

Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka, blush grapefruit juice & a touch of grenadine 

Classic Mudslide     $13

Vodka, Kahlua & Bailey's

Chunky Monkey     $14

Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's & fresh banana

Texas Mudslide     $15

Crown Royale, Kahlua & Bailey's

Eye Openers

Classic Bloody Mary     $12

Spicy housemade mix 

"B" Squared     $14

B & B Bacon Bloody Mary, hot & spicy with pepper bacon 

Bloody Maria     $12

Tequila, lime, spicy housemade mix 

Red Snapper     $12

Gin, lime, spicy housemade mix 

Classic Mimosa     $11

Orange juice

"Maui" Mosa     $12

Malibu coconut rum & pineapple juice

"Queen"  Mosa     $11

Cranberry & orange juice 

"Trop" Mosa     $12

Pineapple juice & fresh strawberry puree 

"Raz" Mosa     $11

Chambord liqueur 

"Miami" Mosa     $12

K1 grapefruit infused vodka & grapefruit juice

"Peachy" Keen     $12

K1 peach infused vodka & peach nectar 

"Man" Mosa     $9

Bud draft & orange juice

"Blush" Mosa     $11

Blush grapefruit juice 

"POG" Mosa     $12

Passion, orange & guava juice blend straight from Honalulu!

Classic Bellini     $12

Peachtree schnapps 

Georgia Peach Bellini     $13

Jim Beam & Peachtree

Sweetheart Bellini     $12

Peachtree & fresh strawberry puree

Razellini     $13

Chambord & Peachtree

St. Germain Spritz     $13

Champagne, St. Germain, club soda splash & fresh strawberries 

Peach Fuzz     $12

Champagne, Peachtree Schnapps, & peach juice

*All "Mosa's" and "Bellini's" are made with        J. Roget Champagne.*

Prefer Prosecco? Lunetta Sparkling White available for an add'l charge.

b squared.png

"B" Squared Bloody Mary


"Maui" Mosa


St. Germain Sprtiz

Iced Snickerdoodle


"Miami" Mosa


Iced PBC Coffee

Iced Nutmeg

Coffee Drinks 

"Not Mike's" Irish Coffee     $13

Jameson's, Bailey's Irish Cream 

Nut "Meg"     $14

Vodka, Frangelico & Bailey's Espresso

Nutty Irishman     $13

Bailey's & Frangelico 

"Shan" Chatta     $11

Blend of coffee & Rum Chatta

Cinnamon Toast Crunch    $12

Jack Daniel's Fire & Rum Chatta

Mexican     $11

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 

Bailey's     $11

Bailey's Irish Cream or Espresso

Snickerdoodle    $14

Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Jack Daniel's Fire & Rum Chatta

PBC Coffee     $14

Screwball peanut butter whiskey & Godiva chocolate liqueur 

Milky Way      $14

Bailey's Salted Caramel & chocolate liqueur

straw mojito.png

Strawberry Mojito

Homemade Sangria

Take your favorite cocktail to go!

mermaid water.png

Mermaid Water

Zombie "On The Dock"

Bottled Domestic Beer

Imported Craft Beer

Bud Light

Miller Lite

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra


Tap Room

Budweiser (American Lager)

Goose Island (IPA)

Shock Top (Seasonal)

Loose Cannon (Triple Hop IPA)

Flying Jenny (Extra Pale Ale)

Little Sister (Session IPA)

Stella Artois (Belgium)

**Available by the Pitcher**

Captain's Daughter (Double IPA)

Whales Tail (Pale Ale)

Sam Adams (Seasonal)

Guinness (Stout)


Blue Moon (Wheat Ale)

Rise (APA)

Stella Cidre (Crisp Hard Cider)

Heineken (Non-alcoholic Lager)

tap 3.png
tap 2.png
Wine Cellar


                                                                       Glass                         Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon           $9                      $32


Merlot                                        $9                      $32


Pinot Noir                               $10                     $36



                                                                       Glass                         Bottle

Pinot Grigrio                            $9                      $32


Chardonnay                              $9                      $32


White Zinfandel                      $9                     $32


Savignon Blanc                     $10                     $36

     Toree Di Luna



Brut Champagne                   $11                      

     J. Roget

Prosecco                                   $12                      

     Cavit Lunetta

 Outrageous Bloody Mary Specials offered on Sunday & Monday Holidays!

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